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Devesh Samtani

In memory of our brother and best friend

This beautiful children’s book was written and illustrated together with our brother and best friend Devesh. We would like to honor his memory by sharing his love and caring nature which is depicted in this story book.

The idea - was to create a fun tool that would focus on children ages 6 and under. We along with Devesh, saw the need to help children understand why they couldn’t go to school or why they were not allowed to have play dates.

The Book - creative illustrations help children use their own imaginations to understand what was happening and why their little world suddenly changed. The lesson - hygiene and acceptance was the most important point for us to convey. Showing them through colorful picture illustrations that everything will be ok.

Devesh was a kind and caring person that always had a smile or hug to share. This book is a part of his loving nature and we hope that it helps many children understand the impact of this pandemic.

Charity - it was important to us to support the community by donating sales of this book to a children’s charity, Mother Choice Hong Kong.


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